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Musings of a Blonde Blogger, at Altitude

Musings of a Blonde Blogger, at Altitude

Musings of a Blonde Blogger, at AltitudeMusings of a Blonde Blogger, at Altitude

About Me

Walking Contradictions Welcome Here...

If you're still reading, then maybe you are a little like me. Outspoken, while listing intently.  Assertive, but inclusive. And you don't take no for an answer, unless it is the answer you're looking for.  There's no mold to make this one again (and some will breathe a huge sigh).  I am a mom, a marketing executive, and a traveller.  I believe laughter makes the world go round.  Well, laughter, friends, great tequila, riveting conversation, and occasionally brutal truth.  

Anyone who spends time in my orbit likely ought to have thick skin.  Not because I am cruel.  Quite the opposite, usually.  However, my sense of humor is not for the faint of heart.  And about this, I give zero fucks.  

I have two sons whom I will defend endlessly, while also believing they need to be allowed to lose, and to get in trouble when deserved. I am under no delusion that my children are perfect, and believe any parent who operates under that assumption is unrealistic about how the world works -- and equally clueless about what their kids need to learn to operate within it.  

I have been with the same fabulously spirited man for 18 years.  Two type A personalities in one relationship is a lot, but we deserve each other.  We recently discovered we both believe the secret to our longevity boils down to the fact that we don't put up with each other's shit. Boundaries matter, especially with two people who are used to being right. 

I have had a truly amazing career filled with enviable mentors and a lot of stellar world travel.  I am pretty old to have 11& 12  year old sons, since I didn't start this crazy ride on the parenthood train until the age of 40.  I am happy to share insights, thoughts and observations as requested... not because I think I am all that smart.  Not even close.  Mostly, I just know that it sometimes helps to have a conversation partner, even when you're pretty sure you already know the answers.  

That's about it, for now!


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